With application of advanced technology, CHENZE EFB drum chipping crusher can process fresh oil palm empty fruit bunches, pressed oil palm empty fruit bunch, Palm fiber, Coconut shell and Coconut fiber, oil palm trunk, oil palm leaves, timber, wood log, tree branch, tree root, bamboo, and etc.


Characterized with simple operation and maintenance, efficient output, wide range of application, the Palm EFB crusher can process the above raw materials into 10-50mm particle efficiently. Have been widely applied in Palm Oil Mill, Palm EFB Pellet line , Biomass power plant or biogas plant and composts factory .


We are constantly developing our machine to suite wide inputs. EFB Knife Chipper is specially improved for oil palm EFB, with large input window, can directly chop the fresh EFB with 65% moisture into 10-50mm length fiber without squeezing the liquid out firstly 1-2mm chipping distance between Flying knife and bottom knife, 680rpm of knife roller, make the primary chipping in high efficiency. Twice chipping by flying knife and counter-flying to insure cutting performance. The space and angle between knife and counter is also designed excellently to cut the fiber to as small as possible.

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