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Spare parts stocking is cut to minimum through high interchangeability of manufactured components. The standard casing mounted arrangement feature "BACK PULL-OUT" , the end shaft diameter are design to fit the tapper lock pulley.



- Casing : High efficiency volute with self-venting vertical centre line discharge. The impeller and casing is equal at all the point. This kind of design is help to reduce turbulence , cavitation. This design can benefit casing life is greatly extended especially in abrasive service.

- Impeller : Semi-open impeller is a compromise between an open and an enclosed impeller. It incorporates a single shroud , usually located on the back of the impeller. Semi=open impeller operates more efficiently  than an enclosed impeller because of lower disc friction and tigher axial clearances. This impeller is suitable for handling solid application.

- Shaft : Large diameter shaft design to take full load stresses with minimum defletion. Fully machined and ground section where fine finishing and dimensional tolerance are critical. The shaft end design is benefit for tapper lock pulley.

- Bearing : Two identical bearings sized for long running life under maximum load operation.

- Bearing Housing : sturdy design to ensure rigidity and vibration-free operation.


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