▪Flowserve Durco Mark 3 ANSI pump

Heavy duty process pump
Max flowrate 2270m3/h
Max head 300m

Application : For use in chemicals, refinery & industrial process industries

Reverse Vane Impeller
This exclusive Durco design lowers the total cost of pump ownership:
• Optimal, predictable seal chamber pressure and thrust loads, extending bearing and seal life
• Abrasive wear is on the rear cover rather than the more expensive casing, reducing maintenance and parts costs
• Micrometer impeller adjustment mechanism enables easy impeller setting in the shop or in the field
• Repeatable performance throughout the life of the pump results in low operating costs

Heavy-Duty Casing
• With an integral foot and a multi-ribbed discharge flange, the Durco Mark 3 ISO's casing provides superior resistance to pipe loads and improves pump reliability.

SealSentry Sealing Technology
Durco SealSentry seal chambers with unique flow modifiers provide advanced self-flushing
capability and reduce total costs of pump ownership:
• Improve mechanical seal performance, reliability and life
• Reduce maintenance and repair costs
• Permit the use of less expensive seals and flush plans

External Micrometer Adjustment
Durco's unique external micrometer impeller adjustment mechanism significantly reduces maintenance time.
In the shop or in the field, it enables the impeller clearance to be set accurately in only 20 seconds.

Additional Features
• Standard non-contacting labyrinth seals
• Heavy-duty radial and thrust bearings
• One-piece, ductile iron bearing housing
• Back pull-out design

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