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Machines Hub is a platform designed to improve the visibility of B2B companies and the machineries that they are selling.

Companies registered with Machines Hub are presented with a text, product pages, contact details and other useful information (dependent on the packages subscribed). If your company is involved in B2B Heavy Machineries and Industrial Equipment (producer, manufacturer, wholesaler, etc.), Machines Hub is definitely the platform for you.

We offer packages at different rates providing to suit your needs.

How can I measure my return on investment? Visibility is mainly measured by the number of clicks to your listing, a statistic accessible in your Machines Hub account.

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One of our salespeople will then get in touch with you and help to find the best solution related to your needs.

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Although Machines Hub makes every effort to remove fraudulent companies from the platform, we cannot guarantee that all the businesses registered with Machines Hub are reliable.

Here are a few points you should check to avoid scams:

– check if the company has an identification number;

– evaluate the overall quality of the company’s website;

– check if the website content, such as the images, comes from another site;

– check that the company has not been listed as fraudulent on specialist websites;

– proceed with caution if the price of the products on offer is much lower than the market price;

– proceed with caution if there is no way of inspecting the products before buying them.

This list is not exhaustive.

In addition, Machines Hub cannot be held liable in any way for contacts between users and companies on the website as Machines Hub only has a third party relationship with them.

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We do not sell the contents of our database.

However, we can offer two alternative solutions to reach our clients:

– targeted sponsorship with a banner/box advertisement on our Newsletter;

– fully customised email marketing campaigns which we route for our clients.

You contact our support team. for more details.


Here is the link you can use to log on to your Machines Hub account:


If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here:


If you can’t remember your user name (email address), please contact us by submitting a support ticket:


Once you are logged in, you can manage your account, add listings, read your messages, etc.


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To delete a listing that has expired or not required anymore :

  1.  Go to your account at
  2.  Select My Listing on your left menu
  3.  Under the title of the listing you wish to remove, click ‘Delete’
  4.  Click ‘OK’ to confirm deletion when asked

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To insert your images in Machines Hub (product images or images from the gallery), you need to resize them.

Accepted maximum dimension is 1024 pixels x 1024 pixels.

The maximum file size for image upload is 100 KB.

To resize your images, we recommend that you use an online platform or a specialist software.

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